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University Degrees/Awards

  • PhD specialising in Privacy and Security in eHealth Informatics Systems, 2018
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), 2010.
  • Foundations of University Teaching, Southern Cross University, 2010.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours (1st class), Southern Cross University, 2009.
  • Rising Stars Honours Scholarship, School of Commerce and Management, Southern Cross University, 2009.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Southern Cross University, 2008.

Business Studies

  • Certificate IV in Business, The Business College, Ballina.
  • Certificate in Small Business, University of New England, Lismore.

Trades Qualifications

  • Certificate III, Printing Machining.and Lithography.

High School

  • Higher School Certificate.

Teaching Skills

2010 – 2022 Teaching IT at Southern Cross University

Units in the Information Technology Degrees tutored and lectured at SCU are as follows:

  • Web Development I - Website design and construction focussing upon client side scripting languages including HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript, website documentation and visual design.
  • Web Development II - Website design and construction focussing upon server side scripting languages including PHP, ASP, XML, MySQL database, intermediate JavaScript and server configuration.
  • Digital Media I - Graphic design focussing upon web design, graphic user interface design elements for software development and print media created in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Contemporary Issues in IT and Multimedia - Essay and report writing including oral presentations researching current issues in ICT.
  • E-Commerce - Principles of online marketing and sales over the Internet.
  • Client/Server Systems – Development and deployment of web services developed using Java including Java Servlets, CGI and Tomcat deployment.
  • Object Oriented GUI Development – Desktop applications developed in Java utilising object orientated graphic user interface design and construction in Java and C++.
  • Intelligent Decision Systems – Development of expert decision systems utilising computer arithmetic, set theory, logic, Boolean algebra, matrices and graph theory.
  • Computer Project I and II – Project management and development of real world solutions utilising techniques to design and code programs with graphical user interfaces. Including coding, graphics, code generation, interface design, object embedding and integrated web, database and spreadsheet applications.
  • Information Systems Securiy Management – This unit is at postgrad level in the Masters Degree and covers the impact of information security on modern business and society and the needs of managing security of digital information and information systems, asset-based risk assessment and control strategies, personnel security and legal and ethical issues.
  • IT Entrepreneurship and Innovation – This unit is also at postgrad level in the Masters Degree aimed at developing a foundational understanding of Entrepreneurship within the IT industry.

Student FeedbackCommendations

Research Skills

  • Quantitative research design, survey development and statistical analysis at PhD level. Statistical analysis utilising Structural Equation Modelling, Multiple Linear Regression, Exploratory Factor Analysis and Descriptives Analysis, utilising Excel and the SPSS and AMOS statistics packages for analysis.

Computer Skills

  • Design and development of "GUI" applications using procedural and object-oriented techniques to code programs with graphical user interfaces. Languages:- VB6,, C++ and Java.
  • Web-site development including functional specifications, structured design, efficient coding, logic diagrams, and conditional structures etc. Languages:- XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and Java.
  • Creation of barcode fonts and design and development of encoding/decoding algorithms for use in document tracking applications and active-x components.
  • Design and development of voice and text messaging systems deployed over Ethernet.
  • Design and development of secure Applications Installers for Windows.
  • Strong working knowledge of the Windows registry.
  • Design and development of encryption/decryption algorithms for use in Networked and Internet enterprise wide systems.
  • Design and development of multi-user interactive chess site for the Southern Cross University chess club.
  • Automated email systems using HTML mail for use on websites.
  • Design and development of methodology to defeat spammers in attacks on open forums.
  • Design and development of Java servlets as web services.
  • Systems Analysis and Design of Enterprise Solutions.
  • Network and Internet protocols and topologies.
  • Enterprise modeling, information requirements analysis, problem identification, feasibility assessment, data modeling and data flow analysis.
  • Database design of relational and networked models including ADO and MySQL.
  • Comprehensive understanding of UML and the concepts of abstraction, classes and objects, class diagrams, actors and use cases, objects and responsibilities, object oriented programming fundamentals, aggregation, association, static and dynamic behaviour, generalization/inheritance, polymorphism and software patterns such as MVC.
  • Electronic Commerce and Intelligent Decision Systems.
  • Computer arithmetic set theory, logic, Boolean algebra, matrices and graph theory.
  • Planning and development of effective solutions to problems.
  • Set up of systems and networks.
  • Installation and maintenance of hard drives, monitors, printers, networks, and peripherals etc.

Visual Arts Skills

  • Quark Express, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Publisher, Excel, Word etc.
  • Photography small and medium formats.
  • Darkroom work - colour film processing including E6 for colour transparencies, colour printing from negatives and cibachrome from colour slides. 

Design Skills

  • Brochures, logos, and corporate literature.
  • Design and construction of printing equipment for fine art print making.
  • Factory layouts, industrial processes and recording studios.
  • Planning design and construction of environmentally controlled archival storage vault for art collection in public gallery.

Music Skills

  • Qualified recording engineer expiereinced in digital audio techniques and sound reinforcement.
  • Flamenco, rock and jazz guitarist.
  • Flute and vocals.
  • Music composition and arrangements,

Managerial Skills

  • Planned and administrated successful businesses in printing industry.
  • Founded, managed and promoted successful acts in music industry.
  • Selected and employed staff.
  • Successfully established a clientele of many large corporations from various industries.
  • Successfully established a clientele of artists for fine art print making studio.
  • Development of software business and production management package for printing industry.
  • Technical sales management of hardware and software supply company to print industry.
  • Planned and organized technical training for staff including apprentices.

Client Liaison Skills

  • Canvassed clients to demonstrate what my enterprise could achieve for their business.
  • Achieved great increases in business for clients through creative printing.
  • Organized production of photochemical products for supply to printing industry.

Gallery Technician Skills

  • Installation of exhibitions held in gallery.
  • Maintenance of gallery including refurbishment of buildings interior.
  • Construction, installation, up-keep and monitoring of gallery's environment controlled storage vault.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of gallery's environmental conditions i.e. air conditioning and lighting.
  • Creation of literature for gallery's needs i.e. posters, brochures etc.
  • Establishment of gallery's workshop.

Printing Skills

  • Offset printing on Hiedelberg, Komori, Akiyama, Shinohara multi-color presses.
  • Letterpress printing, die cutting, numbering, perforating etc on platen cylinder presses.
  • Silkscreen printing on single colour vacuum table, multi-colour carousel and broadloom type presses.
  • Process colour anodizing on aluminium sheet.
  • Intaglio pad printing from nyloprint relief plates.
  • Creation of linocut, plates woodcut blocks and etching, dry point and aquatint plates for fine art print-making.
    Creation of photo tools for engraving electronic circuit boards.

Pre-press Skills

  • Trouble shooting of trapping, font and configuration problems of postscript files for output to image setters from all popular graphics applications including: - Quark Express, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, In Design, Page Maker, Microsoft Office and Publisher.
  • Process camera, scanner and darkroom skills to produce film separations for various printing operations.
  • Colour planning, film combining and Cromalin proofing for all press formats.
  • Offset plate making and silkscreen preparation all formats.

Mechanical Skills

  • Repair and maintenance of printing machinery, motor vehicles etc.
  • Installation of heavy industrial 3-Phase equipment for printing trade i.e. presses, guillotines, process cameras, collators, film processors, vacuum tables, UV lamps etc.
  • Operation of lathes, shapers, drill presses, grinders, power hacksaw's etc.
  • Operation of arc-welders, oxy-cutters, soldering irons etc.