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My under-grad degree at SCU is Bachelor of Information Technology with First Class Honours, majoring in Software Development, however I also studied Audio Engineering 1 and 2 as electives to capitalise on my background and experience in the music industry.

I have played professionally for many years and first discovered music when I was three years old. My studies when I was a child focused around the piano and as I grew into my early teens singing became my focus. Later I began playing concert flute. My first professional gigs were at the age of eighteen when I joined a trio, playing flute with a guitarist and conga player. By the time I was nineteen I moved onto guitar and was able to accompany myself singing and playing guitar.

I joined several troupes including one, which had a big part in establishing "The Sydney Festival" with Adrian Rawlins. From there I went on to travel overseas to India where I was fortunate enough to play with many international artists. Whilst there I also studied the "Indian Raga" and became interested in the scales and temperaments they use.

By my mid twenties many of my associates were musicians some of whom had established themselves in successful bands such as "INXS", "Icehouse", "Noiseworks", "The Flying Doctors", "The Electric Hippies" and others. Some of these musicians had also traveled with me to India.

By the time I was in my late twenties I had established a successful business in the printing industry, which took precedence over my music. When I turned thirty-five I met a remarkable drummer "Gene Sayer", whose father "Gerry Sayer" was a highly successful drummer during the Jazz era (Gene was named after Gene Krupa who played with Benny Goodman). From there Gene and myself formed a band "Noxcuse" and we have continued to play together in various line ups ever since and still play occasionally when the opportunity arises.

Over recent years I have grown increasingly interested in "Flamenco Guitar" and now have a strong focus on this style of playing. Flamenco is demanding regarding the learning curve required, however it is very rewarding for the effort put in. It also benefits every other aspect of guitar playing due to the unique exercises that are involved.