Software Development

I chose to major in Software Development in my degree at SCU.
The following outlines these units and my results:-

  • Systems Analysis & Design • High Distinction
  • Digital Media I: Images • High Distinction
  • Object Oriented GUI Development • Distinction
  • Client/Server Systems • Distinction
  • Database Systems • Distinction
  • Software Design • Distinction
  • Web Development II • Distinction
  • Intelligent Decision Systems • Distinction

Skills I have attained in software development at SCU include the following:

  • Computer arithmetic, set theory, logic, Boolean algebra, matrices and graph theory.
  • The discipline of program design and working with computer-based applications.
  • Tools and techniques used by professional programmers to design and develop applications.
  • Planning of projects and the development of effective solutions to problems.
  • The development of GUI applications in GUI operating environments. Using object-oriented techniques to design and code programs with graphical user interfaces. Including coding, graphics, code generation, interface design, object embedding and integrated database and spreadsheet applications.