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Web Development

I have been developing websites since the need arose for a site for my software package "Quote Master". The skills I have gained regarding website design as a result of studies at SCU include:

  • The essential elements of web-site development including functional specifications, structured design, efficient coding, logic diagrams, and conditional structures. Using a variety of development tools to create web-site products for desktop and on-line delivery.
  • The creation of functional web sites with regards to efficiency and maintainability.
  • Issues associated with human impact, regulation, the law, equity, access and cultural & indigenous issues that influence and affect the multimedia design and development environment.
  • Concepts underlying how data and voice are transmitted through the telecommunication system in analogue and digital form.
  • Network and Internet protocols and topologies including X.25 and TCP/IP and various Internet services including usernet, WWW, gopher and ftp.

A few sites I have designed appear below:


The SCU-Chess website is a project of my own which I developed whilst undertaking my undergraduate degree at Southern Cross University. The site demonstrates my abilities in a number of web languages including PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS and Java, and utilises technologies such as HTML mail and Java Servlets. The project itself played an important role in establishing the Chess Club at SCU.

A secure login validates users in order to allocate the various games in play to each player. An encrypted password is generated upon initial registration and sent to their email account for verification which has a link back to the site with their details attached to the URL. Once registered, players can then challenge existing members or introduce new friends.

Upon each move submitted an email notification is sent to the opponent which again has a link back to the site. Games can be played live or move by move. A score board facility keeps track of wins etc.

Each game in play is associated with a pair of boards one for white and one for black. The board is simply an HTML table. The pieces are constructed as gif file images arranged in CSS divs and then superimposed over the squares on the board. Legal moves are validated using JavaScript and when a move is submitted PHP functions do the job of storing the game status.

The chess move generator is a Java implementation and is deployed as a Servlet on a Tomcat server. The move generator has no interface of its own and plays no part in games between human players and was merely added for the sake of the challenge. The current boards' position is passed via the URL to the servlet which then acts as a web service and returns a calculated move back to the board. PHP functions then detect the incoming move and update the game status accordingly.


This site is an electronic portfolio of artist "Dimce Stojanovski" who I have worked with for many years as his printmaker. 

The site has an interactive guestbook which allows visitors to make comments on the work. The guestbook was subjected to many severe spam attacks some time ago when the site made its way onto a spammers list after it was promoted internationally. This lasted for around about a month and led me to develop very tight security in order to protect it. As a result the guestbook remains open and is now free of such attacks.

I also developed an administrators login for the site which has a forum allowing me to communicate directly with Dimce with regards ongoing development. This section also has an uploader/downloader which allows us to exchange images and other files to be included on the site. The admin section greatly helps with documentation.

I have also incorporated a postcard facility which allows visitiors to send digital postcards to friends. This facility utilises a database and is can be edited from the administration login allowing the onwner to make chages to the galleries and images on the site.




This site is now archived yet represents an initiative of Southern Cross University to help establish the Northern rivers area as an early rollout site for the NBN.

The site is a Drupal 6 development and used here as an example for teaching purposes.